Can You Afford St Croix?

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Many people are curious about the cost of living here -and how things compare with the mainland:

Dining Out:   There are some great restaurants and the prices compare favorably with good restaurants on the mainland.  A nice meal will cost anywhere from $17 - $35 a plate, not including drinks.  Lunches are typically $8 - $15. A good burger will set you back about $8.  Many of the sandwiches here are gigantic - so while they may cost $8 - $10 - they are big enough to share. 

Groceries The good news is you can find just about ANYTHING you want in our grocery stores (unlike many Caribbean islands).  Prices are higher though, sometimes considerably higher.  On average, prices are about 20% more than in the states.

Gas Our gas is currently more expensive than on the Mainland U.S.

Utilities Our electricity is expensive.  Water is inexpensive - in most cases collected in cisterns.  Natural gas is sold in cannisters.

Entertainment:  Lots of it, and it's very reasonable - most times free.  Free parking too. 

Cable, Internet, phone:  All comparable to the mainland.  About $50 a month for high speed DSL, about $60 a month for cable + HBO, phone is about $35/ month.

Taxes:  Property taxes typically less than in the states.  Right now (this is subject to change) - about $400 per $100,000.  We don't pay 'state' income tax. There is no tax on any type of consumable or retail goods or services.  There is a 10% hotel tax (charged on rentals for less than 3 months).  There is a 5% gross receipts tax - basically "income tax" for business owners.  This percentage is charged for any income OVER $9,000 per month.

Insurance:  Windstorm insurance is costly  -  typically about 2 - 3% of your mortgage - and required if you have a mortgage.  Most condos here include insurance in their monthly condo fees (condo fees range from $400 - $1200 a month).

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