Retirement in St Croix: Your Decision

Sunset St. Croix Virgin Islands

Retiring in St Croix - Where do You Start?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

1.  Is "Island Living" right for you?  It's not for everyone - Island Fever is a real problem for many.
2.  Do you get impatient easily? The pace in the Virgin Islands is much slower than on the mainland.
3.  Do bureauocracy and red tape frustrate you?  We have a vast amount of it here - you live with it or get stressed.
4.  Do you object to drinking alcohol (or others)?  There is a lot of alcohol consumed here, for many reasons.
5.  Is shopping a big part of your life?  We have plenty of stores, but they usually won't have exactly what you want.

And things to consider:

1.  Cost of living:  From gas to rent to groceries to utilities, everything is more expensive than on the mainland. 
2.  Can you afford the housing you want:  Search our MLS to study costs, and email us for a thorough real estate market analysis.
3.  Can you work in St. Croix:  Yes, you can, and there are plenty of opportunities for salaried and volunteer positions.
4.  Family ties:  St Croix is far away from many places in the mainland.  It's not a day trip to visit family.
5.  Medical pressures:  Retirement in St Croix brings some medical challenges.  You may need to return periodically to the "states" for specialists.
6.  Travel:  This can be expensive and time-consuming.  Better to have folks visit you (and they will!).

Relocation to St Croix, Virgin Islands

Hopefully this short list will help you begin thinking about the consequences of a decision to move here. We have no regrets and are thrilled to be ambassadors of the Virgin Islands and help with your relocation. 

Let us know what your questions are, and we'll get back to you right away.  Your privacy is guaranteed.

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