St Croix Communities & Maps

St Croix East End

Buck Island St. Croix Kim Lucas RealtorThe east end is drier, but homes facing east have nice tradewinds and gorgeous views of Buck Island.  Views of Buck Island are very "sought after" here - and the better the view - the higher the price.  The east end is almost totally residential; only a few restaurants, a very popular gas station, and a golf course are out here. 

The most prestigious and expensive neighborhood here is Shoys (Anna's Hope, Buccaneer Bay are other names).  It is a gated community right beside the Buccaneer Hotel, with superb views, expensive homes, in a wonderful location.

Another desirable, and more affordable, area is Judith's Fancy.  It's about 10 minutes west of Christiansted off of North Shore road.  It's a gated community with North Shore oceanfront and a gorgeous park overlooking Salt River.   It is a widely diverse area, older, and a great place to explore. 

St Croix North Shore

LaVallee St Croix Kim Lucas RealtorFurther up the North Shore are the communities of Morningstar, Tradewinds, and Salt River.

The La Vallee, Betsy's Jewel, and Cane Bay areas are further west on North Shore road.  Cane Bay is a beautiful beach with great diving and snorkeling.  You can literally swim out to "the wall" - a reef that drops about 15,000 feet.  It is somewhat remote from shopping and either town, but people who live here absolutely love it.

Carambola Golf Course St. Croix Kim Lucas RealtorAt the end of the North Shore road is Carambola, a Marriott Reniassance Property,which is a very lovely resort.   Prosperity Ridge and Hibiscus Point are two high-end subdivisions in this area.

Carambola Golf community and Ginger Hills present building lots, some high-end homes, and a couple of condo complexes.  The community is gated.


Frederiksted real estate St Croix Kim Lucas RealtorFrederiksted (west end) is a sleepy, laid back town, altho a couple of developments are proposed in that area:  casino, 5 star hotel, marina, equestrian center, golf community, sports complex.  Right now, much of the area is "run down" and still looks economically depressed.  This may change radically in the next 10 years.  There's a saying here 'West is best" - and the folks who live there love it.  The water is beautiful, calm, and the community very laid back.  The west end of the island is wetter (the rainforest is there), and vegetation is more lush.  It looks like a tropical island.

St Croix South Shore

Carlton South End St Croix Kim Lucas RealtorOn the south shore, west of C-sted, there are the communities of Enfield Green, Carlton, Williams Delight.  Carlton is an "up and coming" area with lots of flat land and some nice beachfront property.

South shore on the east end is a developing area, without much built there now.  Union and Mt Washington, Turner's Hole, Great Pond are some neighborhoods you'll find here.  The ocean and views are spectacular, with some of the most turquoise water you'll ever see. 

Estate Names

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