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Moko Jumbie St. Croix

Follow this tour on the maps on our Community Page, so you can orient yourself.

The east end of the island has wonderful views of Buck Island, a great public park (Cramer Park) and is home to the easternmost point of the United States (Point Udal).  There are several nice restaurants there and some fun things to do.  If you like to gamble - check out the Divi casino.  The beaches at the Divi are nice too (and public), and there are a couple of good restaurants at the resort.  There is also a Putt-Putt golf course across the street!

If you're a snorkeler, turn off east end road toward the old Grapetree Hotel (you can see the ruins from the road).  You'll find several places to access the beaches, they are usually fairly deserted, and the snorkeling is good.  Just be careful and use common sense.   If you're into golf, there is a 9 hole course at the Reef, and a wonderful course at the Buccaneer Resort.

Other restaurants on the east end include Duggans (the whiskey lobster is very good), Blue Water Terrace, Cultured Pelican, Mahi's at Chenay Bay, and of course, Cheeseburgers in American Paradise.

Be sure and pick up the local paper to see what's happening on the island. It's called the Avis and it costs 75¢. A great investment! Also check out,, and There's always some live music somewhere, and St. Croix has some very talented musicians.  Some of our favorites are Kurt Schindler and Steve Katz. If they are playing when you are here, don't miss them. and Other favorites include Jahnee Red Locks and Jazzy Blue.

The town of Christiansted has a number of good restaurants and shops and bargains.  For instance, the Brew Pub has 2-for-1 drinks on Tues. till 9:00.  Other great restaurants in town include Bombay Club, Rum Runners, Savant, and Dashi.  One of our favorites is a Thai restaurant called Galangal.  Just east of town is Tutu Bene - a great little Italian restaurant.  And of course, no trip to St Croix is complete without a visit to the Buccaneer.  The hotel will make you think you're in a Herman Wouk novel (ok- please read Don't Stop the Carnival by him if you're coming here - it will make you laugh and give you great perspective!).  This is a great place for watching the sun set if you're too tired to go to the west end!  Lunch at the Mermaid and then catching a few rays at the beach there are also wonderful.  Throw in a massage at their spa and you have about a perfect day.

North shore is lovely - and other fun places include Off the Wall beach bar, EAT at Cane Bay, the Waves, and Sprat Net Bar. Drive as far as you can and you'll end up at the lovely Carambola resort.  The beaches there are spectacular (and public) and this is a great spot for a cold drink and lunch.  Friday nights they host a fabulous buffet and have entertainment as well - including our famous "Moko Jumbies" (pictured above) and other local delights.

A trip here without going thru the rainforest is just not complete, and a trip thru the rainforest without a stop at Dominoes Bar is not complete either.  Norma is the owner - she's a legend here - and a wonderful person.  Be sure you feed the pigs.  Don't ask us why - just do it.  You won't be sorry.  It'll cost you a buck or two - but hey - you'll get some good photos and a lot of laughs out of it!

From the rainforest - head on out west and check out some of our favorite beaches on this island. Hang a right at the end of Mahogany Road to find a great spot for beaching right at Rhythms (another good bar - try the Lime-n-de-coconut.). There are some really nice ruins and beautiful old Baobab trees (also known as the "dead rat" trees because their seed pods look like dead rats hanging down by their tails!!) in the Butler Bay area, which is north of Rhythms.  Once you've had enough of that, turn around and head back into Frederiksted real estate St Croix Kim Lucas RealtorFrederiksted.  Stop by Coconuts on the Beach. The snorkeling is good just to the left of the bar and the food and drinks there are great.  And for the best dive experience on the island, right next door is N2 The Blue.  WONDERFUL folks there who really know the reefs here.

Once you get into the "town" - take a right as soon as you can and marvel at the new pier and the multimillion dollar renovation of Strand Street. For the best pizza ever, check out the Lost Dog on King St.  This bar is pure funk, and the pizza truly outstanding. It is only open in the evening. 

Blue Moon cafe features live jazz Friday and Sunday. It's on Strand Street and the food and drinks there are great. Turtle's Deli and Turtles After Dark are also good spots to eat, and both located on the south end of Strand Street.

If you pass thru the town, hang a right at the "T" and just before you drive into the water, take a left. This road takes you alongside another nice beach /park area. There's a nice restaurant/bar there called Sand Castles.  It has excellent food and the best beach on the island. It’s a great place to listen to live jazz when available.

Villa Morales is also out west and a good place to get some local food.  It's off of Centerline road just outside of Frederiksted.  JT and Angie are the owners and the most gracious and wonderful folks you'll ever meet!

On way back to Christiansted, check out the rum factory.   The botanical gardens and the Whim plantation are also close to Frederiksted, and both are very enjoyable and informative.   You will see plants at the Botanical Gardens that you will probably never see anywhere else - and amidst a lovely setting with ruins from the Danish era.

A trip here is not complete without an excursion to:

Buck Island.  Big Beard is the most well known, but if you can get on a boat with Heintz or Llewelyn Westerman (in the phonebook), you'll have a less-crowded excursion.

Of course you must shop here.  IB Designs, Sonyas, and Crucian Gold are some of our favorites for gorgeous Crucian jewelry (bracelets, bracelets, bracelets....).  And the Chaney here is so unique - you're buying a piece of history and art.... what could be better?  ("Chaney" is broken pottery from the Danish era - the slaves tossed out the china from the great houses in the revolt and we still find pieces all around.  The local artisans use these pieces to make unique and beautiful jewelry).

In addition to having great musicians, we also have some amazing artists!  On the third Thursday of most months, there's an "art walk" after work when all the galleries are open, and many serve wine and appetizers.  It's great to stroll and chat and be awed by all the talent!  Be sure and check out the galleries and studios, and support our local artists.  We also have several art shows here throughout the year. 

If you're the adventuresome type, you might want to go on a hiking excursion in Annaly Bay. You pick up the trail to the tidal pools just behind the employee parking lot at Carambola. If you're not up for a hike- take a Tan Tan Tour!   You will have fun and see some great spots inaccessible by car.

You can also hike at Point Udal - the eastern most point of the U.S.

Kayaking at Salt River is fun too.  You can just rent the kayaks and do your own thing, or go on a guided tour.  If you do your own thing, you can take a picnic and stop at one of the little beaches.  Kayaking at night here is also fun - there is bioluminescence in this bay!!  For a really fun experience, check out

Diving here is wonderful.  There are MANY good outfitters here - they really ALL are good.

We could go on and on - as I'm sure you can tell by now.

Things to AVOID:

Just use your common sense and pay attention to your surroundings and you'll be fine.

Don't park in out-of-the-way places.
Don't leave valuables in your car.
Don't walk in dark, uninhabited areas at night.
Don't carry large sums of money or valuables (passport) with you.

Sound great?  Visit our Complete Report page for additional information.

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