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Art & Culture

Support of the arts and cultural history is an important factor in every successful community. That belief is just as strong here in Paradise as anywhere else. Crucian cultural, artistic and musical expressions are diverse and innovative, and are expressions of a proud heritage. We support local artists and craftspeople by taking culture walks, showing interest in visiting “artist in residence” programs, listening to “scratch” music at authentic pig roasts in the rainforest, and attending concerts in the park at sunset.

There are numerous ways to feed your passions for visual art, architecture, music or crafts on St. Croix, with something to please almost every artistic palate. Living here offers a wealth of opportunities to be an active participant in preserving the unique art, music and history of the island. Check out our Relocation Guide for more information on activities, events and venues that showcase our art and culture.


There are so many wonderful beaches here on our island – and all are open to the public (even those at the hotels).

The east end is home to several secluded coves perfect for a picnic private day. Or, go to the Divi and enjoy the beaches there in a comfortable lounge chair! Green Cay marina has a nice beach, and the snorkeling there is good (over by the rocks). The beach at the Buccaneer Hotel is picture perfect! Expect to pay for the comfy lounge chairs though, and it’s typically not open to the public in high season.

In town, you can hop on the water taxi and hang out at the beach at the Hotel on the Cay. Or travel through town and go to The Palms – where the beaches are lovely and the surf is just right for body surfing! Further along North Shore road you’ll see dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views. Cane Bay is the spot to stop to snorkel, play in the water, and enjoy other water and beach activities. You can dive right off the beach here and see “the Wall” – amazing coral and hundreds of tropical fish. (This is the Puerto Rican trench – the water plunges to great depths not far off the beach). Travel on to Davis Bay at the Carambola and enjoy the beautiful beaches and pounding surf there.

If you prefer calmer waters, head to Frederiksted where white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters beckon you. And if you get the “bug” to look for sea glass or “Chaney” – those lovely pieces of porcelain that the local artisans turn into beautiful jewelry – check out the beach between Frederiksted Fort and Teres Veho (a great place to rent a Paddleboard!). No telling what treasures await you there!

Dining Out

There is no shortage of delicious dining in St. Croix!

On the east end, check out Duggans for great seafood. They’re famous for “whiskey lobster.” Or visit Castaways, a fun little place with great bar food and great live music. The View at Chenay Bay is a cool little beach bar/restaurant, also on the east end (and on the same property as the Island Life office!).

The Libation Station at Ziggy’s Market has wonderful sandwiches, and Chef Aaron has special dinners here frequently that are not to be missed! And just down the road, Blue Water Terrace is home to some great food, including Lori’s famous Fried Chicken. You won’t leave this place hungry, guaranteed, which is a shame because the desserts here are to die for!

At the Tamerind Reef Resort, the Galleon is perfect for fine dining, or just hanging out at the bar or on the waterfront deck. The Deep End is also a beachfront bar/restaurant not to be missed, especially on Thursday nights for “Disco Bingo!” So popular and fun that reservations are required!

The town of Christiansted has a number of good restaurants, many of them new. On the Boardwalk, you’ll find Angry Nates, RumRunners, Shupes, Brew, and the new Sugar Mill Pizza; a brick oven pizza place with extremely creative and delicious pizza. Other great restaurants in town include Cafe Fresco, Galangal (fantastic Thai food), 40 Strand, Toast, Zion Modern Kitchen, balter, Savant, and Bombay Club.

For fabulous gourmet cocktails, stop in balter, Bes Cocktails, Top Hat, and/or Zion. Creative and delectable concoctions await you in all these places. You will NOT be disappointed!

Or try out some vegan restaurants and/or local food at Kim’s, Singhs, Ital in Paradise, Zennys, and Harveys.

On the North shore, there’s a great little restaurant called The Waves – it’s so close to the water you might just get wet! Rowdy Joes and Flyers (at Salt River Marina) are not to be missed. Other fun places include Off the Wall beach bar, Eat at Cane Bay, and Sprat Net Bar. The restaurants at the Marriott Renaissance boast amazing views, and the Caribbean Buffet there on Friday nights includes entertainment.

For great pizza, check out the Lost Dog Pub on King St. in Frederiksted. This bar is funky, welcoming and fun. It doesn’t open till around 5:00 – but stays open late. Other good spots in Frederiksted include the Blue Moon (on the boardwalk), Ciboné (The chef at Ciboné is passionate about locally sourced food and it is fresh, innovative and delicious!), Pollys at the Pier, Villa Morales, and the new The Tap Deck Bar.

Mid island, you’ll find La Reine Chicken Shack, Un Amore (a quaint little Italian place at 5 Corners), El Sol (great and reasonably priced Steaks), and Cast Iron Pot.


St. Croix has 3 golf courses. Not bad for an island!

If you just want to play a little golf, the Reef‘s 9 hole course has great rates.

The Carambola course is an 18 hole Robert Trent Jones designed course on the western side of the island. It sits in a stunningly beautiful valley.

The Buccaneer, slightly east of Christiansted town, also has an 18 hole course that boasts views of the Caribbean sea and Christiansted harbour.


Or for a very educational hiking experience, CHANT offers a couple of interesting hiking experiences. Maroon Ridge with Ras Lamumba explores the rain forest and Hamm’s Bluff. Lamumba, a master gardener, herbalist and environmentalist, will point out plants and wildlife encountered along the hike and lead you to Hamm’s Bluff lighthouse and an old Maroon community left from the days of slavery. Or, take a physically challenging hike along the waterways of Caledonia Valley where you will learn about three seasonal waterfalls, as well as the plants and animals you will encounter along the way.





Horseback Riding

If you love horses, you’ll love St. Croix! There are a number of great riding outfits, many of which will have you IN THE WATER with your horse!

Be sure to check out Cruzan Cowgirls – all of their horses are rehabilitated rescues who are being given a second chance at a much better life where they are deeply loved by family, community and visitors.

Cowboy Steve (Equus Rides) will offer you an experience you’ll never forget!




Keep Fit

Staying active and fit is a fun activity when you live in a tropical environment. Walking, running, biking, golf, swimming, and tennis are activities you can do here year round. If you prefer more organized work out options – we have those too! Here are some great options for staying fit on St. Croix:

Beeston Hill Fitness Center
This gym is a traditional gym, similar to Gold’s or 24 Hour Fitness in the states. They offer classes like spinning, yoga, Zumba, boot camp, and water aerobics in their large outdoor pool. Beeston also has a variety of cardio machines and their weight room features strength training machines. Personal training appointments are available and the center is shared with a chiropractic / rehabilitation practice.

Cross Fit Gyms
St. Croix is home to 340 Cross Fit near Golden Rock. Cross Fit entails group fitness classes that are non-traditional and different each time to keep muscles challenged. The focus is on core conditioning.

HikeFin Folk Swim Group
What could be more fun than getting together and doing a long swim together? Fin Folk is an organized swim club that meets nearly every weekend and explores a new ocean route to swim together. In addition to getting fit, they are rewarded with seeing turtles, sharks, dolphins, sting rays and other wildlife along the way. Plus they eat and drink together afterwards….maybe the best part???


Be sure and pick up the local paper (The Avis) to see what’s happening on the island. You can also go online:

There’s always live music somewhere, and St. Croix has some very talented musicians. If Kurt Schindler or the Drunk Dumplins are playing here, don’t miss them.

Other great musicians include Steve Katz, the Eddie Russell Band, Mercy Child, Brian McCullough, Ziggy’s Bigfoot Band, R&B Connection, Jahnee Red Locks and da Tree A We, Junie and the Jungle, Culture Vibe, Mercy Child, Romanza, Lynn Senter, Adrian, Jazzmin, Hartatak Intl, Jazzy Blue, Express Band, Venus, and Llewelyn, just to name a few.

For a very special music-filled evening – do yourselve a favor and book an evening on Lyric Sails. They have wonderful musicians, great tapas, free flowing rum punch, and the views are astounding!

Sailing & Watersports

Support For great paddleboarding – you have to try Teres Veho (Freedom City Surf) in Frederiksted.

For wave runner rentals (and more), out west you’ll find all you are looking for at Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, or in Christiansted at Hotel on the Cay beach.

Caribbean Sea Adventures offers a variety of activities, from snorkel and dive trips, to sunset sails. They are located on the boardwalk in Christiansted.

No trip to St. Croix is complete without a trip to Buck Island, one of the top 10 beaches in the world, and home to a beautiful underwater snorkel tour. Count on about $60 – $80 per person for a half day trip, more for a full day (which includes a picnic on an east end beach).

Kayaking at Salt River is fun too. You can just rent the kayaks and do your own thing, or go on a guided tour. The guys at Bush Tribe can give you a great custom tour – be sure you check them out! There’s bioluminescence in the bay and night tours are awesome!


Of course you must shop here.

IB Designs, Joyia-Inspirational Jewelry, Sonyas, and Crucian Gold are our favorites for gorgeous Crucian jewelry (bracelets, bracelets, bracelets….). And the Chaney here is so unique – you’re buying a piece of history and art…. what could be better? If you don’t know what Chaney is, ask them!

Most of the shopping that you’d do as a tourist will be in downtown Christiansted. There’s a myriad of shops and stores to check out. On cruise ship days, local vendors set up booths along the waterfront in Frederiksted.

Snorkel & Dive

In addition to watching the sea life, snorkeling in the shallows here will result in great finds of shells, sea glass and chaney (small pieces of broken Danish pottery). There are good snorkeling spots ALL OVER this lovely island.

The West End has some great spots. Just south of Sandcastles on the Beach are perfect coral formations and overhangs – great spots for fish and lobsters to hang out – right off the beach!

There’s actually an underwater snorkeling trail just off of the beach north of Frederiksted. And snorkeling off the Frederiksted pier, you may get lucky and see seahorses!

Out east, the water in front of Duggan’s Reef restaurant is good for snorkeling. Or, keep heading east and hike to Jack’s &amp Issac’s bay for some very private and wonderful snorkeling! The Divi hotel beach is also nice for snorkeling – with all the amenities of a fine hotel (chairs, bar, etc.).

Finally – there’s Buck Island! But for that – you need a boat! There’s an underwater snorkeling trail there – and several outfitters take folks there daily. Big Beard is the most popular with frequent trips.

The Rainforest

A trip here without going through the rainforest is just not complete, and a trip through the rainforest without a stop at the Domino Club is not complete either. Norma is the owner – she’s a legend here – and a wonderful person. Have a johnny cake there, or some Roti, or a Hamburger if you happen to be there on the right day (the menu is limited and rotates, but everything is good!). Be sure and sample a “mama wanna” – a local (made by Norma) “shot” that is to be sipped and chased with a beer of your choosing. Careful, though! They are dangerous! And of course, be sure you feed the pigs. Don’t ask me why – just do it. You won’t be sorry. It’ll cost you a buck or two – but hey – you’ll get some good photos and a lot of laughs out of it!

There’s also a “mini zoo” in the rainforest. There you can sample lots of local fruits and homemade products, including all natural sugar-free smoothies. YUM!

Finally, the rainforest is home to the “Ridge to Reef” sustainable farm, and Mt. Victory camp – both are places worth exploring.

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